Would you believe us if we told you our nine months of silence was on purpose? 

You probably shouldn't. Our time was spent taking pictures in abandoned buildings, recording jazz music in Boston, and filling a dropbox with noise. College was a thing for us too. We took a step back from memes, elections, and covfefe to get some fresh air. Sometimes you have to hit the reset button on the things you love. We re-uploaded our EP on streaming sites, slapped a new filter on our pictures, and have been back at work slaying over the new music that has yet to reach your ear holes.

Some of you may have already met James the boy wonder. He fits the traditional role of a GF bassist: incredibly handsome. We hope the west coast doesn't steal him and put him on Jimmy Fallon performing backline for Kid Cudi like the last dude (we miss that S.O.B). 

We've had a lot of friends ask us where the new music is at. The short answer? Its in the hands of an engineer in a basement. The long answer? It's here, at these shows, and we intend to play all of them with our hearts out. We can't tell you how excited we are to let out some steam and get back to what we love after these months of cabin fever.

Get out of the house and come see us this summer. We have a lot more announcements to make, so do yourself a favor and signup for our newsletter.  



P.S. Brown's Brewing Co. photo by our good friend Danny DeRusso.




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